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Upcoming events

Congress / Conference / Course

Immunological aspects in andrology

02 - 03 March 2017
Bonn, Germany
Inflammatory and immunological influences on male fertility are one of the most controversial topics in andrology. Due to new insights into the potential impact of genital tract inflammation/infection, not only on the conventional semen parameters but also on sperm function relevant for spermegg interaction and subsequent induction of pregnancy, more awareness should be attributed to this – so far widely neglected - issue
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International Congress of Andrology

06 - 09 May 2017
Copenhagen, Denmark
The theme of the meeting is Lifestyle Factors and Male Reproductive Health. Hosted by the Danish Andrological Society.

Includes the Examination in Clinical Andrology (EAA) 2017
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EAA Summer School 2017

05 - 08 September 2017
Zagreb, Croatia
Testis Histology and Pathology for Clinical Andrologists and Embryologists