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These statutes, originally drawn up in 1992, define the broad aims, organisational structure and processes of the EAA.


The name of the society is "European Academy of Andrology" (hereinafter referred to as EAA). EAA is an association of scientists and clinicians active or interested in andrology. Andrology is defined as the branches of science and medicine dealing with reproductive functions of the male under physiological and pathological conditions. Included in this definition shall be all related specialized branches of science and medicine. The territorial scope of EAA is worldwide, with a clear emphasis on Europe.


EAA will first be registered in the Federal Republic of Germany with its seat located in Münster/Germany. The Executive Council may later decide to transfer the seat to another European country.


EAA is a non-profit organization as defined by §50.2 of the Public Tax Law of the Federal Republic of Germany. Any profits can only be used for purposes in agreement with the statutes. The members receive no shares of any profit, nor will they receive other compensation. This also applies in the event of withdrawal from EAA or dissolution of EAA. No person shall profit from expenses alien to the purpose of EAA or by inappropriately high renumerations.