EAA Studies

EAA Multicentre Studies

Under the Patronage of the European Academy of Andrology (EAA)

Standardization of the male genital tract colour-Doppler ultrasound parameters in healthy, fertile men

Coordinator Center:
Florence, Italy (Dr. Francesco Lotti, Prof. Mario Maggi )
EAA Centers joining the project:
Ancona, Italy (Prof. Balercia); Barcelona, Spain ( Prof. Rajmil ); Cairo, Egypt (Prof. Shaeer); Catania, Italy (Prof. Calogero); Giessen, Germany ( Prof. Weidner ); Halle-Saale, Germany ( Prof. Behre ); L’Aquila, Italy (Prof. Francavilla); Muenster, Germany ( Prof. Kliesch ); Rome, Italy ( Prof. Lenzi, Prof. Isidori); Tartu, Estonia ( Prof. Punab).