Membership of the EAA

The EAA membership is open to everyone active in andrology or reproductive biology. In addition to regular membership, the prestigious status of Academician can be given to internationally recognised experts in andrology. Since July 2023, a new NYRA-EAA membership has been opened to young researchers in training. The EAA welcomes also supporting membership of individuals from the general public or companies wishing to promote andrology and male health. 


Regular membership

Regular membership is open to scientists, clinicians, technical assistants and nurses with interest in all aspects of andrology. An application for membership should contain a short list of expertise fields and a brief curriculum vitae (CV). The EAA administration will confirm the membership. Regular members may become Academicians after 2 years, upon renewed application.


NYRA-EAA membership

This special membership is open to young researchers or clinicians in training in an andrology-related field, who subscribe to the Network for Young Researchers in Andrology (NYRA). Trainees for BSc, MSc, or PhD degrees, medical residents (max. 3 years of residency after obtaining an MD degree), and PhDs or MDs during the 3 first years of post-doc training are eligible. Please subscribe to NYRA ( before you send a membership application to the EAA Office. The duration of the discounted NYRA-EAA membership is limited to 5 years.



A status of Academician is reserved for clinicians or scientists with an international reputation in andrology. The candidates must have a strong curriculum vitae (CV) with a good publication record in the field of andrology or reproductive biology. In order to achieve the Academician status, the candidates should be regular members of EAA for a minimum of two years, and then submit a new application. In exceptional cases (e.g. professors, clinical centre directors), the title of Academician  can be obtained immediately. The application should be accompanied by a detailed CV, including information on scientific work, academic position and the list of publications. The application must be supported by two academicians, one of whom must be from a different country than the applicant. The Executive Council decides on the eligibility of the candidate.


Supporting membership

Supporting membership may be conferred on individuals, companies, corporations or foundations wishing to support the activities of EAA financially and in other ways.


Honorary membership

The EAA may also from time to time confer the title of Honorary Academician for distinguished services in andrology. The Executive Council decides about proposals for honorary membership