Entry requirements

For full details of the educational requirements, including 1.5 - 2 years training in an EAA centre see :
IJA, 2001, 24, suppl. 1, pp. 29-31 and the information under 'Education' on the EAA Curriculum
Please notice that starting from 2014 all candidates should provide a detailed register of her/his clinical activity as it was agreed on by the EC in 2012

Your application should include :

  • Full CV of the candidate
  • Register of clinical activity signed by the Director of the Centre
  • Letter of recommendation signed by the Director of the Centre

Applications should be sent directly to Prof. Csilla Krausz (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Examination Fees

The cost of the examination is 400€ (200€ for trainees from Eastern Europe outside the EU) payable to :
the treasurer, Professor Frank Tüttelmann , after confirmation of eligibility for the exam.
Application fees may be reimbursed in cases where the candidate is unable to attend the session (please contact Professor Frank Tüttelmann directly for financial issues)

Bank Transfer Details

Name   European Academy of Andrology
International account number (IBAN)   DE77300606010006818842
Bank Interchange Code (BIC)   DAAEDEDDXXX

For more details contact the EAA Treasurer, Professor Frank Tüttelmann

The current EAA Board of examiners are

C. Krausz (chairperson) D. Goulis
G. Dohle Gy. Papp
O. Rajmil S. Francavilla
G. Haidl H. Tournaye
J. Slowikowska-Hilczer P. Kumanov