EAA Centre Certification

A prerequisite for training physicians as andrologists is the existence of recognised Andrology Centres with an appropriate training programme. EAA certified Andrology Centres may consist of a single Department or of several cooperating research/clinical Institutions. In addition to the director, other persons certified by the EAA may be responsible for the training programme.

Upon application and examination, the EAA will certify the Andrology Centre if the following criteria are met :

  • The Director should be internationally recognised and EAA certified andrologist.
  • Clinical activities should include at least 500 new infertile patients per year including cases of delayed puberty, primary and secondary hypogonadism, Klinefelter’s syndrome and erectile dysfunction.
  • The structure of the centre should include collaboration with urologists, gynaecologists, sexologists, paediatricians and geneticists
  • Laboratory activities should include semen analysis (accordingng to the WHO standard procedures), expertise in interpretation of testicular biopsies, routine determination of reproductive hormones and ultrasonography of reproductive organs.
  • Research activities should result in a minimum of five original papers in the field of andrology published in international scientific journals per year during the last 3 years.
  • Centres should collaborate in establishing a standardised curriculum for training in andrology. They should be prepared to accept trainees from other centres on a rotating basis for electives in specialities.