§ 12 Officers

(1) President, Secretary and Treasurer are the officers of the EAA. The President and one officer jointly are entitled to represent EAA.

(2) The first term of office shall last for 4 years. Re-election is possible once; either for 2 or 4 years, which should be clarified prior to the election.

(3) Contracts, documents or any instruments in writing requiring the signature of EAA shall be signed by the President and one other officer and all contracts, documents and instruments in writing so signed shall be binding upon EAA without further authorization.

(4) In the absence of the President, the Secretary shall preside over Executive Council and General Assembly meetings.

(5) Should the President leave office before the end of the official term, the Secretary shall become temporary president until the Executive Council can appoint a successor to finish the current term. This appointed president remains electable for full term by the next General Assembly meeting.

(6) The officers shall be responsible for the management and representation of the EAA.

(7) The officers execute the decisions of the General Assembly and the Executive Council and perform all tasks assigned by the statutes and all administration business in own responsibility.

(8) The officers represent the EAA in court and extrajudicial in all EAA-related matters (regarding § 26, paragraph 2, BGB).