§ 5 Membership

(1)  Regular members
Regular membership is open to scientists, clinicians, technical assistants and nurses with interest in andrology. The EAA administration confirms the application. Regular members may become Academicians upon application if the criteria defined in §5(2) are met.

(2)  Academicians
Academicians are a selected group of regular members with an international high recognition and academic reputation in andrology. Regular members may apply to become Academicians after at least two years of regular EAA membership with paid fees. The application for the status of Academician must be supported by two Academicians. To ensure international reputation, one of the supporting Academicians should be from a different country than the applicant. The application must be accompanied by a curriculum vitae with a list of publications. In exceptional cases, the title of an Academician can be obtained immediately. The Executive Council decides on the eligibility of the candidate as Academician.

(3)  Supporting members
Supporting membership may be conferred on individuals, companies, corporations or foundations wishing to support the activities of EAA financially and in other ways. The Executive Council decides on membership.

(4)  Honorary Academicians
The title of Honorary Academician may be conferred for distinguished services in andrology. The Executive Council decides about proposals for honorary membership.


§ 6 Membership fees

(1)  Membership fees are due annually.

(2)  The fees are fixed by the Executive Council. Only substantial fee increases (>10%) must be approved by the General Assembly.

(3)  Honorary members will not pay a fee.


§ 7 Termination of membership or expulsion from EAA

(1) Membership shall be terminated by withdrawal or expulsion. For individual members it shall also be terminated by death and for juridical persons by dissolution of the same.

(2)  Members are permitted to withdraw their membership. Withdrawal of membership must be declared to the EAA administration. It becomes effective at the end of the calendar year.

(3)  The membership is automatically terminated if a member fails to pay dues for 2 consecutive years. The membership can be reinstated upon payment of the dues and a notification to the Treasurer or the EAA administration.

(4)  Members working against the interest of EAA may be expelled from the Society by a two- thirds vote of the Executive Council.

(5)  Before action is taken the member must be permitted to present his case to the Executive Council. The member has to be informed about the decision in writing.


§ 8 Rights and responsibilities of the members

(1)  Members are entitled to participate in all activities of EAA, including access to the official journal.

(2)  Members are obliged to support the aims of the Academy and to omit all actions with negative effects relating its reputation. The decisions of the EAA have to be respected.

(3)  The members should keep their personal information updated, either by informing the EAA administration or by using interactive membership database.