3 Objectives

(1) EAA pursues only non-profit aims as defined by the paragraph “tax-privileged purposes” of the Public Tax Law in Germany.

(2) The purposes of the academy are:

  • to support science and research,
  • to support public health, and
  • to support general, public and specialised education.


(3) These aims of EAA should be achieved by the following activities:

  • To take all measures required to raise the scientific standards of andrology in Europe by encouraging basic research in all fields of andrology and focusing this work on areas of clinical importance and need, including male contraception.
  • To frame guidelines for national and European commissions concerned with the qualifications and training of andrologists.
  • To establish a clinical training programme for physicians who wish to become specialists in andrology.
  • To publish an international journal with a high scientific standard.
  • To encourage a dialogue between scientists and clinicians active in the field of andrology and to organize scientific meetings in Europe.
  • To develop strategies for increasing public awareness of andrology and the special problems relating to male fertility, fertility disorders and contraception.


(4) For realization of the non-profit purposes, the EAA can cooperate with auxiliary persons and can become member of other associations and corporations.

(5) Any profits can only be used for purposes in agreement with the statutes. The members receive no shares of any profit, nor will they receive other compensation. No person shall profit from expenses alien to the purpose of EAA or by inappropriately high renumerations.

(6) Members of the official organs of EAA are entitled to claim compensation for costs and expenses incurred concerning their efforts for the academy. The member assembly can decide on an appropriate compensation for the time expenditure.